Decrease No-Shows.​ Improve the Patient Experience.

Provide closed-loop appointment reminders that allow patients to confirm, cancel or even reschedule their appointments directly to the EHR. Reduce manual phone calls and burden on staff and patients. Plus, automatically follow-up with no-shows.


Automated Appointment Reminders is a Win, Win, Win!

Customized, automated digital engagement encourages well-heath, screening and care continuity while reducing the burden on staff, improving outcomes and plugging revenue leaks.



Enhance patient experience and avoid missed appointments using actionable reminders and by giving patients the ability to confirm, cancel and reschedule appointments directly from their preferred communication channel.



Save staff time with automated scheduling and reminders, then capture patient responses directly to the EHR, eliminating manual information updates and making more time for in-person patient connection.


Health Systems

Improve community health and quality scores and plug revenue leaks by reducing no-show rates using automated reminders and real-time, patient-driven rescheduling. 

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