Permission Click: Now Part Of Intrado


We're thrilled to announce that the Permission Click team is now part of Intrado. With this acquisition, we've enhanced our ability to help schools with their digital transformation efforts.


More than 12,000 schools in 58 countries, including many large school districts across the U.S. and Canada, already rely on Permission Click to help them automate and simplify processes such as:


• Managing immunization and health attestation forms
• Collecting athletic clearance approval packages (waivers, records of physicals, injury history, and parent consent)
• Digitizing and automating start-of-year packages (including media releases, student handbooks, and more)
• Tracking technology acceptable use forms
• Collecting parent permission and internal approvals for field trips and other travel
• So much more!


Read our press release to learn more about the acquisition.


Intrado SchoolMessenger Partners With Permission Click

Automate Workflows, Save Time And Money

Collecting important information from parents.
Managing processes like enrollment and registration.
Maintaining compliance with school policies.

All of these processes are challenging and time-consuming when handled with paper. Plus, staff can spend countless hours managing paper-based processes and administrators may still not be sure if the tasks are 100% done.

Fortunately, there’s a better way to manage these processes while saving time and money. Permission Click is the premier workflow automation, policy compliance, and digital forms management tool for K-12 schools. Trusted by schools and districts across the U.S. and Canada, Permission Click helps K-12 administrators automate manual processes and track policy compliance in ways that just can’t be done with paper.

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