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Operator Connect v. Direct Routing v. Calling Plan

Before Operator Connect, there were two ways to enable calling in Teams: Direct Routing and Calling Plan. Calling Plan was prebuilt in Teams, but it was limited and expensive. Direct Routing had more features at a better price, but it was complex to manage.


Animated gif showing the backend difference between Microsoft Operator Connect vs. Direct Routing vs. Calling Plan


Operator Connect rolls the best aspects of Calling Plan and Direct Routing into one. Simple, affordable, feature-rich calling, prebuilt in Teams.



  Calling Plan Operator Connect Direct Routing
Provider Microsoft Intrado Microsoft Partners
Direct Peering in Teams

Management in Teams Admin Center

Number Provisioning in Teams Admin Center Varies by Country

Shared Service Level Agreement  

Hybrid Cloud/On-Premises Deployment  


Disaster Recovery Available Only M365 APIs

Contact Center Integration Available Only M365 APIs

E911 and Compliance Support Available Only M365 APIs

Concurrent-Call Cost Model Available   Varies
Base Price (Per-User-Per-Month Cost Model)

$12, £9.30, €10.80

From $6.95, £5.10, €6

International Calling Capability Included x2 Base Price (PUPM) Varies
Global Availability (Countries/Regions) 26 21 + 32 Coming Soon Varies





PSTN inbound and outbound calling with Operator Connect is available in 36 countries.



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Microsoft Teams: What's the Difference Between Operator Connect & Direct Routing?

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Demystifying Microsoft Operator Connect

Demystifying Microsoft Operator Connect

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"Throughout the rollout, the Intrado team was brilliant, both in terms of communication and technical expertise. Luca and Marcin were always there when we needed them."


Ben O'Flaherty Seddon

IT Manager




"We worked closely with Steve, whose ability to understand the challenges we faced and bring in the right individuals with the expertise and experience to deal with those challenges was invaluable."


Simon Granger

Head of Connectivity and Infrastructure





Get Started with Operator Connect

Try Operator Connect Free for 15 Days*


5 phone numbers provided on loan

First 2,000 minutes free

Implementation support

User enablement and acceptance testing

Available in U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Singapore and South Africa**


* May be extended at Intrado’s discretion upon request.
** Requests from other countries/regions may be approved on an individual basis, possibly for a fee.
Emergency services and professional services not included.



More than a Provider, Your Partner

Even among elite Microsoft Partners, not all Operator Connect solutions are made equal. Intrado brings our customized design-implementation-adoption methodology to maximize your Teams value at launch and as your business evolves.

Intrado's Gold Microsoft Partner Competencies

Lifecycle Relationship
Evolves as business needs change for maximum value

Microsoft Specialists
Experts certified in 12 Microsoft Partner competencies

Managed Services
Design and implementation packages for common needs



NEW: Operator Connect Conferencing for Microsoft Teams

If you like Operator Connect for calling, you’ll like it just as much for conferencing. For the first time, host conference calls in Microsoft Teams using your preferred provider. It brings the same benefits of Operator Connect, plus more. Visit our Operator Connect Conferencing page to learn more.

Operator Connect Conferencing
Woman talks on the phone and uses a laptop during an operator assisted conference call



Teams Calling FAQ


Can I use Microsoft Teams to talk to people outside my organization?

Anyone can join a Teams meeting, but Teams can also handle all your phone traffic with Operator Connect. This lets you call anyone via a limited number of approved providers, including Intrado.


Do I have to get rid of my on-premises PBX?

Operator Connect is fully cloud based, but Intrado also offers hybrid Direct Routing solutions, meaning you can use Teams as your phone system and integrate your existing hardware. Our professional services team makes sure everything works together.


Doesn't Microsoft offer calling? Why shouldn't I get all this from them directly?

Microsoft offers a calling plan, but they're not calling specialists. They created Direct Routing and Operator Connect due to demand for calling partners. Choose Intrado to consolidate under one provider, improve disaster recovery, expand coverage and access specialized features like compliance recording, license advisory, managed services, E911, e-learning and premier support.


Does Operator Connect require Microsoft's calling credits?

Microsoft Calling Plan requires the purchase of calling credits, meaning you must predict how many minutes you'll use and pay a lump sum in advance. With Operator Connect, you pay for what you use. No more guesswork and no more credits.


Do I need any new hardware?

Start calling with no new hardware, straight from your laptop. Intrado can also support a wide range of analog devices or offer discounts on certified Microsoft devices like phones, speakers, headsets, cameras and smart screens.


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