The Pesky No-Show Problem: Reducing No-Show Appointments

No matter how good your patient access or front desk staff is, you and every healthcare organization still struggle with four major problems...

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April 13, 2021

No matter how good your patient access or front desk staff is, you and every healthcare organization still struggle with four major problems:

  1. Patients forget to keep appointments and don’t reschedule.
  2. Patients with chronic illness who require regular check-ups don’t make regular appointments.
  3. You cannot reach groups of people who need preventive screenings and treatments.
  4. Communication with non-English speakers is always a challenge.

All of these problems put together are not only frustrating, but they are also expensive and affect your ability to provide high-quality healthcare. 

No-shows can cost an estimated $200 for each forgotten timeslot. Missed appointments delay care and put patients’ health at risk. Lack of follow-ups leads to poor health outcomes.

Communication between patients and healthcare providers is extremely weak and leads to failure in the system. As a result, most of the patient access staff are unhappy and overburdened. 

In today’s world, health care providers are in financial danger if they cannot influence patient behavior. Most healthcare providers are being paid based on clinical results, with the world moving quickly towards risk-based reimbursement. As a result, if they cannot manage patient health, they will not be able to deliver top-quality results.

The Problem of Patient No-Shows

Missed appointments and no-shows are some of the most common patient problems healthcare providers have to deal with. They put a drain on the price and efficiency of the health care system. The US healthcare industry has been facing huge losses because of missed appointments. Between 23% and 34% of outpatient appointments are missed by people annually. People who don’t keep up appointments have poorer health outcomes and are less likely to use preventive healthcare services.

Why Don’t Patient’s Show Up at Appointments?

Most people forget they have medical appointments. According to a study by the Medical Group Management Association, 52.4% of the total patient population forgot to attend or cancel an appointment, 26.3% noted the time incorrectly, and 23.8% cited other problems like work conflicts for not showing up.

Chatbots to Help with Patient Access

Chatbots can help with improving patient communication. They can engage with patients, guiding them with options and concluding transactions in the EHR. Patients feel like they are talking to a human with chatbots. Chatbots replace disconnected and inefficient workflows with seamless and automated communication. Here are different ways chatbots can help solve the no-show problem for the healthcare industry:

  • Automate reminders and process responses via closed-loop.
  • Enable patients to cancel and reschedule appointments via text messages instead of no-shows.
  • Follow up with the patient in case of no response.
  • Good communication plays an important role in reducing no-shows and helping the healthcare industry improve its revenue. Using an EHR embedded platform like Intrado can improve patient communication and make patient engagement successful.
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