An Introduction to SD-WAN Basics

Chances are if you keep up even a little bit with business technology trends, you’ve heard of SD-WAN.

Sarah Murphy

October 09, 2017

Chances are if you keep up even a little bit with business technology trends, you’ve heard of SD-WAN. It’s emerged as a hot topic for corporate networks because of its benefits are quickly realized and tangible for companies struggling with wide area network (WAN) connectivity to geographically dispersed, multi-branch offices.

Indicators that SD-WAN might be right for you:

  • Multiple small branch offices in various locations
  • Limited onsite IT staff
  • Desire to streamline and cut costs

Many organizations that meet this profile are struggling to keep basic communications and collaborative applications up-to-speed and on par with that of the corporate headquarters. Manually configuring corporate networks is a complex task; deploying to remote locations is even more difficult. Are there onsite IT staff? If so, do they have the necessary skills to address issues if they arise? If not, will IT staff at the company’s headquarters have visibility into the network at these remote locations and be able to make changes?

What Is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN offers significant business benefits to multi-site businesses, including costs savings, simplified deployment and management, and increased agility. Using the principles of software defined networking (SDN), SD-WAN allows organizations to route and prioritize network connectivity to branch offices through the cloud, while also making simplifying and expediting deployment and reducing the cost of hardware expenses typically associated with traditional WAN solutions.

SD-WAN Benefits

  • Reduced network costs thanks to lesser hardware requirements and operational expenses
  • Increased agility with simplified management and zero-touch provisioning
  • More visibility and security with in-depth analytics and troubleshooting functionality
  • Improved availability with simplified and faster failover
  • Better overall network performance and bandwidth optimization

Intrado Can Help

Intrado delivers flexible and reliable SD-WAN services for a range of needs and requirements. Building on our Maxxis MPLS network solution set and strengths, we can now extend the benefits of SD-WAN to customers, including cost savings, simplified network management and increased visibility/security.

Learn more about Intrado's SD-WAN solutions

Watch: How West Does SD-WAN


With Intrado you get:

  • Fully managed cloud solutions
  • 24x7 effortless maintenance and support from state of the art NOC
  • Multiple Cisco certified professionals on staff who act as an extension of your IT staff
  • Deep network expertise
  • A wide variety of network services including SD-WAN, managed MPLS, and multiple peering options
  • A single cloud vendor for ALL business communications needs including hosted calling, collaboration, and more

Reach out to our team if you’re ready to learn more.

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